Website Maintenance Services

Can’t get updates or additions to your website done in a timely manner? Or maybe your web developer only verifies that your website works as expected in one web browser? Let us handle your weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly website maintenance needs.

Your website is the window to your business and allows your customers and prospects to engage with you online, so it is important to keep it secure, updated with accurate information while providing a good user experience.  Neglecting your website can lead to a hacked or outdated website which results in lost sales opportunities and can be time-consuming and expensive to fix.  We can handle all of your website maintenance needs!

Effective Web Development Solutions

Website Security

Whether you are running your website with WordPress or any other technology; your website will need regular security patches & upgrades to ensure a secure website. With our maintenance services, we constantly monitor for such updates and apply them your website in a timely manner.

Website Backup

Keep your website & business data safe with our regular backup service built-in website maintenance plan. We perform regular backups of your website data and store it at a secure offline location. Should anything go wrong with your website, we can bring it back online within hours.

Effective Web Development Solutions
  • Domain changes
  • Hosting changes
  • Browser differences
  • Broken Plugins
  • Adding pages
  • Adding functionality
  • Back up restoration
  • Broken links
  • Script errors
  • Browser differences
  • Page errors
  • Slow loading time
  • Broken sliders/menus
  • Page formatting issues
  • Adding a new blog post or content
  • Updating product details, etc...
  • Changing colors, logos, and text
  • Creating pop-ups and opt in boxes
  • Social media updates
  • And much more!


Tell us about your web maintenance needs!

Let us help you keep your business website updated with new content.

Many small businesses have a website but cannot afford to keep a full-time webmaster or developer on staff.  Designs2Code solves this need through our site maintenance services.